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“Giuditta and Oloferne” Falchion

Falchion reproduced on an image of Caravaggio
late 16th century

Ref. N. FP 603

“Giuditta and Oloferne” Falchion
late 16th century

Total lenght: 72 cm
Blade lenght: 57 cm
Handle lenght: 9,5 cm
Weight: 1300 gr.
PoB: 7 cm at forte

The Storta was reproduced on an image of the painting “Judith and Holofernes” by Caravaggio 1597-1599.

Wax models made by Erika Tamburini:  ThE Rose Historical Clothing

Bronze casting made by Massimo Fraternali 

Handle with dark brown heads made by Luciano Ferrari


Available alsi in Reenactor and Museum replica

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