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About Me

Roberto Saporiti the craftsman

My name is Saporiti Roberto and I have been reproducing medieval weapons since 2010.

It all started with a significant life change.

I decided to quit my old job and to sell my apartment, and, with my wife, we plunged into the void (with a dose of recklessness) and decided to live in the countryside, wildly, wondering what we wanted to do with our life .

I wanted to do something that satisfied me, and questioned myself about what do I really wanted to do?

I had a year of emptiness.

I wanted to create something with my hands.

Good desterity and innate creativity have been the starting point.

The goal has always been to reproduce replicas as closely as possible to the originals, in terms of aesthetics weight and balance.

The experience gained, the study, the unsuccessful and successful attempts, the realization of projects that seemed insurmountable and the advice of experts, have led me to improve my skills more and more and to make my works of high quality. Each of my replicas is made in a totally handmade way and this makes it unique.