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How I work

Quick answers to the most common questions

I started with the few tools I had, and i quicky realize that they were more than enough.
I decided that I wanted to keep a limited and high quality production of a maximum of a few pieces per month.
I chose art over heartless mass production.
The kind of life I have chosen imposes me to take the job more calmly. I think that, if you get bored you can’t produce a masterpiece, and you can’t make each piece look its best.

My job:

I work in a totally handmade way. My reproductions are unique and largely on commission. I don’t have predefined templates; all those on the site are pieces made from paintings or models exhibited in museums or from images and drawings or taken from books ore made by clients.

Materials used:

Blades: harmonic steel 56Si7 with 52 Hrc hardness (56 Hrc for knives) and occasionally C70

– Guards: C40 steel forged in one piece, pierced and hot adapted on the blade
– Pommel: common iron
– Handles: wood covered with glued and stitched leather, then dyed in the required color

To achieve excellence in each piece, I choosed to collaborate with expert craftsmens for the production of parts and special processes (for example bronze parts, scabbards, etc., the external temper).

Time of realization of a replica: from 3 to 5 months approximately

If you have some question you can contact me directly using the references on the CONTACTS page.